Friday, May 18, 2018

Twin Peaks: The Return Analysis - Malmrose Projects

And to finish off our look this week at Malmrose Projects various David Lynch video essays, we end with a look at his final analysis: Twin Peaks: The Return (2017). Although Malmrose shares many of my views on the new series from the dynamic duo of David Lynch and Mark Frost, but for my personal views I go into much more detail in my fourth volume of my book series: 40 Years of David Lynch.

But as analyses of the new Twin Peaks go, I definitely think Malmrose provides one of the best and most succinct examinations. For so much material to cover, he does a good job of summarizing his key points and keeping his analysis limited to overall character arcs and themes. Malmrose seems a little self-effacing in his video and I hope he continues his good work into the future.

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