Saturday, May 19, 2018

Update on 40 Years of David Lynch Revisions

Thank you to the patience of the readers who have the preliminary copies of my books right now. I had intended on finishing them much faster than this, but several more unavoidable time-consuming distractions slowed me down. I will go into some more details about my crazy year below, but suffice it to say that I am a man of my word and I am determined to finish soon the final revisions on my all my books in the 40 Years of David Lynch series. Thank you again for your patience.
I have had two sick family members require a huge amount of my attention to take care of since the beginning of last year in Houston. I ended up needing to take care of them through Hurricane Harvey hitting, which threw all our lives in further disarray. Harvey ended up spreading tons of pollutants and chemicals around our area, too, causing some extreme reactions in my already sick family members and myself.
There was no one else to turn to for help in my family, so I still struggled to take care of all of us throughout the hurricane aftermath. Do not get me wrong, we were relatively lucky to avoid the brunt of the worst flooding and storm damage. But still, it was a very rough and long storm to ride out with grocery stores and other places of business in the area closed throughout most of it. And again, the spread of strange bacteria and disease, as well as other pollutants, made it a particularly difficult time for us healthwise, too.
As soon as I began to recover enough to start heavy duty writing duties once more, the government summoned me for an unusually lengthy Jury Duty. They asked us to be discrete about the case and try to avoid mentioning it publicly to help preserve the anonymity of the jury at the time and help the system function correctly.
It was a strangely stressful and complicated case with many technical aspects to juggle around in our individual heads, but to the credit of the American system of justice, eleven other strangers worked together with me to analyze the case and deliberate it together to render what felt like a relatively just verdict given the circumstances. And I was relieved when it finally ended.
No Popstar Divas Showed Up to Serve on Our Jury, Either.
Some Juries Get to Have All the Fun.
Although I am still taking care of those same sick family members I mentioned earlier, I think things have stabilized enough to enable me to finish revising my books and deliver them to you soon. Again, everyone who has purchased a copy of the book up until now should receive the finalized edition when it is ready. It is possible the price might go up later, so this might be a good time to complete the set.

I am also working on the paperback releases of the books, which are turning out nicely, too. So again, I thank you for your patience. I definitely never anticipated so many obstacles to pop up in my life. And it is time consuming to get my books up to spec without the help of an editor or publisher. Aside from a trusted beta reader, I am self-publishing completely solo, so everything has to be done meticulously by me. 
It is a great relief to have the support and patience of all my readers through all of this. In a strange way, it has actually made me feel closer to you all, since I know there many of you anxiously awaiting my finished work. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I cannot wait to show you what I have in store for these complete editions.

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