Monday, May 21, 2018

Two World Theory of David Lynch

We continue our ongoing project to spotlight the best and most intriguing David Lynch related video essays currently available on the net. This week we begin with a look at YouTuber Astin Lopez's brief video discussing his "Two World Theory" of Lynch's film work. Although his essay presents some excellent examples from Lynch's early films, the analysis itself does not run particularly deep into exploring its intriguing subject.

The video essay is just 5 minutes and 51 seconds long. The rest of the video's 11 minute running time is just blank space. One YouTube commenter seems convinced the editor intended it as a wink to his Two-World Theory. I personally think it would have been a little more professional without adding the excess empty video runtime. And if anything, it is a frustrating tease, because it betrays the audience with the impression of a deeper analysis coming, when it suddenly cuts off halfway through.
Actually, I am a little surprised how quick Astin Lopez was in explaining and illustrating his interesting point. Again, too quickly for my tastes. I would have enjoyed going a little deeper analysis and exploration on this topic. Astin actually has a good voice for this kind of essay narration. In spite of some of its ironically surface level quickness, I still found myself enjoying his video essay and I was left wanting more; a lot more. Maybe he will expand it someday.

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