Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ready Player One (2018)

Ready Player One (2018) is an amazing film given the nexus point we live in today where lines between books, movies, video games, and virtual reality are beginning to bend and blur. But rather than preach at us from a soapbox, Ready Player One delves into some challenging concepts, which gives it a slightly slow narration-heavy opening. But ultimately, the story and character development balances out with the exposition and provides an entertaining film experience, and it does so with childlike abandon.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Wild at Heart (1990) New Official U.S. Collector's Edition Blu-Ray!

Probably the David Lynch film that benefits the most from a big, beautiful screen presentation, this upcoming May 22, 2018, Wild at Heart (1990) will finally receive a solid and official U.S. Blu-Ray release as a Shout Select title. The video apparently comes straight from the HD master approved by David Lynch originally for his Lime Green DVD Set, but this time presented in its full HD resolution.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

David Lynch Teaches Typing, a Hilarious Free Video Game

Did you ever wish growing up that Uncle David Lynch would tutor you in typing better on a keyboard? Well, your very weirdly specific dream just came true! And the world of typing tutor games will never be quite the same again, as the developer declares, "Help raise your words per minute with the only software that is wild at heart and weird on top."