Saturday, February 24, 2018

Happy Twin Peaks Day!

February 24th has long been celebrated by Twin Peaks fans globally as a special day, since it is the first day of the Laura Palmer investigation that begins the TV series. The towns of Snoqualmie and North Bend, where much of the original pilot, film, and revival of the series was shot, voted to upgrade today to an official day of celebration, "Twin Peaks Day!" Celebrate the first moment Agent Cooper and the rest of us first entered the town of Twin Peaks in the clip below.
I created the clip above as a way of teasing the series for new viewers and as a reminder to fans what remarkable moments lay ahead to be rediscovered all over again in a Twin Peaks (1990-91) re-watch. David Lynch and Mark Frost created a bold, quirky world of mystery that balances light soap opera-like plots with dark horror in a bizarrely entertaining way and did so since its premiere.
Twin Peaks helped usher in a whole new age of cinematic quality television and continues to inspire artists, musicians, writers, and directors worldwide, nearly three decades later. And much of the magic begins right here with our introduction to our very Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan)!

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