Friday, February 9, 2018

The Weirdo Marketing of the Movie DUNE (1984)

An excellent analysis of one of the most bizarre film-marketing campaigns of all time. Potentially, the MOST bizarre. Dino De Laurentis and MCA/Universal handed the keys to this blockbuster to the artistic powerhouse director David Lynch and he adapted Frank Herbert's best-selling novel into the gorgeous and original DUNE (1984). Watch Den of Geek's Chris Cummins explore the strange marketing disaster with fresh eyes in the video clip below.

Rather than capitalize on David Lynch's unique and mature vision, we instead see the studio's attempt to appeal to children, and market the film as if it were the next Star Wars trilogy. What results is one of the most oddball and out-of-synch marketing campaigns of all time. Finally, a proper post-mortem of why this otherwise well-made science fiction epic landed with a thud at the box office during the Christmas season of 1984.


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