Monday, February 20, 2017

Dune: The Complete Saga

I love David Lynch's Dune (1984). Every frame of it is a work of art. It has the most incredible production design, costumes, world building, and cast of any science fiction film I have ever seen. The Atreides family relationships with each other and with their subordinates is beautiful. The dialogue is wise and darkly comedic. And up until now, no cut or edition of the film has really done justice to director David Lynch's original vision. So I created my own called, 'Dune: The Complete Saga."
While other fan edits exist, I never felt any of those edits fully embraced the Lynchian flourishes of his film adaptation. I basically geared my edit to make as much sense of the story, environment, and plot as possible for viewers and included only the pieces of footage that would add to the overall emotional experience.
I believe Dune: The Complete Saga is as close as possible at representing the most complete and accurate depiction of the film that Dino de Laurentis and David Lynch had decided to make together, and is about as close as we can get to emulating the director's intent as we can without access to the original film elements for an official studio release of a definitive edition. Download Here



  1. I really want to see your film but the download server caps you at 5gb and I can't get it. Help. The spice must flow.

    1. Hmm, you might want to try again in a week or two when it resets. If some good torrent seeders have a copy of it now, let's try to get it out there.