Thursday, February 16, 2017

Breaking Bad Podcast
Breaking Bad Podcast is a viewer's guide, episode commentary, critical discussion, and reaction / review podcast in which two experienced viewers, Michael and Jeromy, discuss the first season of Vince Gilligan's groundbreaking drama Breaking Bad (2008-13) with first-time viewers, Ally and Amberlee, along with other special guests.
Having been a guest on a number of other podcasts by this point, I decided to try my hand at hosting my own IntroCast for Breaking Bad's first season, which was a totally radical departure for me and a lot of work and fun to do. Ultimately, scheduling conflicts and the time commitment necessary was a little much for me and all my co-hosts, but it was an excellent opportunity for me to learn sound editing and sound engineering.
A number of other podcasters I respect were kind enough to go out of their way and tell me my podcast was one of the most intelligent and best produced podcasts they had encountered. It was a challenging and demanding workload and since it was detracting a bit from pursuing my passion and work filmmaking and writing, if given a serious professional offer to make another podcast, I might be lured back if the right opportunity and circumstance came along.

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