Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Welcome to the Site! Introductions....

Hey everyone, I am Michael Adam Warren, an author and filmmaker who has developed a number of creative media projects over the years, including a number of movies, books, websites and blogs, a few of which are listed and linked below. Today I decided I was overdue in creating an official website, and it is about time I made things easier for my fans to follow my work at this one-stop hub.
So from now on, you can count on this site providing you with the latest news on what to expect next from me, including release dates for my upcoming projects. I will give you a heads up about future meetups, signings, and convention appearances where I will share occasional thoughts about life, the universe, and everything. And I will keep you in the loop with any interesting articles, interviews, reviews, or fan sites I run across to make it easier for my fans to connect with each other, too.
I will also post all my future articles / blogs / vlogs here at this site from now on. I look forward to interacting with all of you going forward. I am active on my Facebook pages and Twitter, so feel free to follow me on those platforms.
I will occasionally offer some special promotions on this site and via social media, including early access to my work, free signed copies of my latest project, sample chapters and clips from future projects, and other sundry goodies to reward my loyal readers, viewers, and fans. Please help me make this place a fun and friendly environment to interact with each other. And since this site's creation happens to fall on February 14th: Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


  1. Hi, Michael:

    I found this site by searching for your fan edit "Angelus". I haven't found it (Angelus), though. Is there a place where one might view it?

    By the way, thanks so much for the viewing order list on your other site. I was prepared to compare it to the airing order, and as times before, think the airing order or the stated viewing sequence of the writers would be better.

    I was wrong, wrong, wrong -- you'd arranged them in a clever order that helped emphasize the emotional flow, with very little consequence to any time-sequence issues.

    In particular, the Darla-Fool for Love suggestion was little short of brilliant. I hadn't considered it before (see my rather OCD "viewing order" comment above). Okay, it's just brilliant.

    I was so taken by it that I watched it several times, and invited friends over to have the same experience. Wonderful! Thanks again -- keep it up!

    1. You're welcome and the best way to watch my fan edit "Angelus" is to download it directly from here as a .wmv file. It plays on Windows Media Player and similar standard Microsoft media apps. If you want it in another format, you will have to use some type of converter software. https://mega.nz/#!Khd1TRbK!gNm2WuDnxae186hSrGwIPgUvg3vnOsPkw-8nD3fc97s