Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Delays, But Getting Back on Track

I appreciate everyone who has pre-ordered and ordered early Volumes I - IV of 40 Years of David Lynch. Thanks for your support and patience as I have been getting the books edited into proper order. I promise, I am busy at work to get all the Volumes ready with the revised releases by the time the Holiday season rolls along.
It was a much bigger job than I anticipated, particularly self-publishing, so my deadline predictions were way off. In addition, the recent hurricanes and flooding affected me and some of my family, further lengthening my delays.
I am getting a workable rough draft of Volume IV ready for early beta publish on October 10th, but then I am going into hyper editorial mode and perfecting all the Volumes in order, with Vol. I through IV getting the works and hopefully in quick succession. Please excuse the delays, but your patience will pay off soon with the completed final draft copies soon, no later than Christmastime, at the latest.
I will post regular updates here on www.BlueRoseEpics.com and make a announcement when each volume has been finalized and completed, updated with the revised final draft, and finally getting its paperback release, too.
Thanks again for your patience. It has been a particularly rough patch, recently, but I am happy with my progress and you will not have to wait long before enjoying the finished books for yourself. And for those of you who have been interested in getting a little more perspective on Twin Peaks: The Return (2017), Mark Frost's follow-up novel to The Secret History of Twin Peaks, is his latest novel Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier, which is getting its official release on Halloween! Support the site by ordering from this page!

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