Saturday, September 11, 2021

ARCLIGHT REVIEWS - Visual Media Reviews

ARCLIGHT REVIEWS is my new YouTube Channel where you join me, writer/director Michael Adam Warren, on a fun and fascinating exploration of visual media. Visual media includes modern cinema, television, streaming content, video games, and comic books. In a world of countless viewing options, make an informed decision to help you figure out what to watch next.

And once you have watched something, you do not have to feel like you watched it alone in a vacuum. Take advantage of our growing community of subscribers and commenters to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Regain the water cooler effect by discussing your recent media viewing experiences with others who love movies just as much as you. Join us on deep dives into your favorites characters and stories and what they reveal about the human condition.

In our new digital world, never before have so many entertaining movies, shows, and series been so accessible and relatively easy to watch. Yet, ironically, as more and more great options fill our screens and devices, the more exponentially complex this world of media becomes to navigate.

Perhaps, like me, you sat down with a friend or loved one to figure out what to watch that night. But as you navigate rows and rows of possibilities together, you have a difficult time deciding, and then you realize you spent over an hour trying to decide. You just ran out of time to watch whatever it is you chose.

It sometimes seems like it is a becoming a Herculean feat just to keep track of what is being released, let alone decide which movies or series to watch, when and in what order to watch them, and which titles will be fun to watch with particular friends or loved ones.

After all, one movie might be fun to watch with your best friend, another with your romantic partner, and another for your whole family. 
One of Michael's goals with ARCLIGHT REVIEWS is to provide information and resources to help make these decisions simpler.

And even once you know what you want to watch, figuring out the best way to watch a particular title can be an equally daunting task. After all, is a given movie released in theaters, on a physical media disc release (UHD, Blu-Ray, and DVD), on demand online for a small fee, or rolled out on one of the many online streaming services you mayor may notbe currently subscribed to?

Even if you are willing to shell out a small fortune to be subscribed to all the big name streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, Peacock, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus, and AppleTV, it is a chore to find out if a given title is available on them at all and which streaming service is currently licensed to exhibit it.

And that is not even considering the countless smaller streaming services competing for your time, attention, and hard-earned money. Mubi, Shudder, AMCTV, Showtime Anytime, and on and on. How are average people supposed to keep track of them all and what titles are available to watch on them and in what viewing window? It is just not a feasible task for most people.

So as time goes on, Michael will do everything he can on 
ARCLIGHT REVIEWS to view and analyze the best titles in media out there, help you find the best way for you to watch them, and examine your favorite stories in closer detail. Don't just watch movies and TV, but discover a deeper passion and appreciation for the stories and characters you love!

Subscribe to ARCLIGHT REVIEWS on YouTube for a deep dive through the media landscape. Let us help you make informed decisions about what will be essential viewing, understand your viewing options, and decide what to watch next.

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