Saturday, September 11, 2021

Movie Giveaways! Chance to Win a New 4K UHD/Blu-Ray Disc Every Week


We are running an ongoing giveaway every month to promote our new YouTube media review channel: ARCLIGHT REVIEWS! To celebrate, we are giving away at least one movie/series disc every week, beginning retroactively at the start of this month, September 2021. Check our September Giveaway for all the details!

To enter to win a 4K/Blu-Ray, just comment or reply to another comment on the YouTube comments section of that particular title's review of that movie/series. To avoid disqualification of your comment, avoid any violations of the YouTube commenting guidelines. Your comments on a given movie's review will grant you one entry to win. While you are free to comment all you want, we automatically ignore multiple entries per video when when selecting a prize winner. 

Winners for each contest will be announced in a special video, published at least once a month, marked as such. Winners can message our "business inquiries only" email address listed on the channel ARCLIGHT REVIEWS. We will follow up with you to verify you are the real winner and then collect your shipping information.

The only real catch is that we will not select and announce a winner for a particular title giveaway until our video review for that movie/series has gained at least the following viewer engagement:

  1. 100 Comments 
  2. 1,000 Likes
  3. 10,000 Views

We make this stipulation to ensure the giveaway is always cost effective for us to run, particularly at the very start of the channel. It also encourages early subscribers do not have an incentive to not share our channel with others. Over time, there should be enough of a regular audience that such a stipulation will become unnecessary.

While the focus of this continuing giveaway is to share movie and series content on home video discs, the success of this channel will mean we can give out other media-related figurines, merchandise, novels, graphic novels, and other paraphernalia.

For legal and logistical reasons, this promotional giveaway is limited to viewers currently living in the lower 48 states of The United States of America. Standard shipping is included with your prize, free of charge.

Side Note: If you want or need a more sophisticated and/or expensive shipping alternative, then let us know and we can work out the details. But be aware, anything above standard shipping will require you to pay for the shipping yourself.

Disclaimer: This ARCLIGHT REVIEWS contest is run by Blue Rose Epics LLC and is not affiliated with any other company, studio, manufacturer, or corporate entity of any kind. Note, this contest is for promotion of a channel on YouTube and the contest is run using YouTube as a platform, but it is NOT endorsed by YouTube or any of its parent companies. YouTube has no involvement with this contest in any capacity. Contact us if you have more questions.

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