Monday, June 4, 2018

Eraserhead: How David Lynch Traps Us

Like most YouTube video essays, this one by Mr. Nerdista is brief, but thankfully to the point. You should check this guy's channel out and explore him further. Mr. Nerdista is now easily one of my favorite YouTubers specializing in film analysis. He uses clips and music to illustrate his point better than most other YouTubers. And he does not belabor his points unnecessarily either.

And I listen to a lot of channels full of film analysis and unfortunately, most the narrators do not speak with a very comforting tone of voice. A lot of YouTubers seem to belong to the school of thought from radio advertising that loud, obnoxious voices stick to the memory better than gentle, nondescript voices.
Unfortunately, this can make YouTube an annoying place to visit sometimes. But thankfully, Mr. Nerdista has a soothing tone of voice that hits just the right frequency. And although he speaks with a slight British accent, he is perfectly intelligible to my American ear. So he gets an A+ from me in terms of presentation. Bravo!

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