Friday, May 19, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return

Twin Peaks (1990-91) was like the candle that burned twice as bright and lived half as long. For it to get a rebirth is like the Phoenix taking flight again after resurrecting out of its own ashes. It is an amazing time to be a TV viewer.
To call Twin Peaks a game changer would be grossly underestimating its impact. Like the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs, Twin Peaks (1990-91) streaked through the night sky of the old era of television, ultimately laying waste to the surrounding landscape of tired, formulaic TV.
And like the planet devastator from millions of years ago, Twin Peaks helped pave the way for a smaller, newer, and more sophisticated species of TV show to start taking its place as the dominant life form and take the place of those lumbering giants of old.
To celebrate the return of Twin Peaks, I have been creating teaser trailers and tributes to the show gearing up for a new era to start. I also began an book series to take advantage of this massive David Lynch event and provide my most in-depth analysis yet of the filmmaker, his work, and Twin Peaks.

And good news, on this blog I will also briefly touch on the new Twin Peaks episodes every week shortly after they first air. This blog series will address each new segment of Twin Peaks, but my most in-depth discussion and analysis of the new Twin Peaks will be saved for my future book, 40 Years of David Lynch - Volume IV: Twin Peaks 2017.
This blog will be a nice, quick way for us to touch base on the show as it develops, where we can interact and discuss the show together. And in some ways, this blog will also act as a brief sample of what my future book will be like, too. If you like what you read here and want more, then feel free to order all volumes of my viewing guide 40 Years of David Lynch book series.
Also, expect from time to time special video presentations that I plan to fashion together from the new Twin Peaks as it becomes available. I plan to add my unique voice and spin on our viewership of Twin Peaks and hopefully help curious potential new viewers take a deep dive into the show.
I will look into arranging some Twin Peaks-themed prize giveaways, too, in the near future. There are a number of incredible media tie-ins, collectibles, and memorabilia to reward you with. Many of you are old, faithful Twin Peaks fans, who have been hopeful for 25 years that Twin Peaks would return to TV once again.
Here's a big Agent Cooper-styled thumbs up to you until we meet again after the first four hours of the new Twin Peaks are available to watch this upcoming Sunday night, May 21, 2017. If you do not have Showtime or cable, Showtime does have a couple of avenues to watch their channel online. One option is a free trial of Showtime through Amazon Prime.
These episodes will probably be available for purchase soon after they air via iTunes and Amazon Streaming, too. Good luck staying spoiler free until you get the opportunity to watch.
Here is a playlist of some of the Teaser trailers and tributes I put together to celebrate the return to Twin Peaks!
And below are direct links to my write-ups on each of the 18-part Twin Peaks: The Return (2017):
Part 01: My log has a message for you.
Part 02: The stars turn and a time presents itself.
Part 03: Call for help.
Part 04: …brings back some memories.
Part 05: Case files.
Part 06: Don’t die.
Part 07: There’s a body all right.
Part 08: Gotta light?
Part 09: This is the chair
Part 10: Laura is the one.
Part 11: There's fire where you are going.
Part 12: Let's rock.
Part 13: What story is that, Charlie?
Part 14: We are like the dreamer.
Part 15: There's some fear in letting go.
Part 16: No Knock, No Doorbell.
Part 17: The past dictates the future.
Part 18: What is your name?

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