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Twin Peaks & Lynchian Holiday Gift Guide!

It is that time of year again to celebrate the holiday season and to give your special loved ones a token of your esteem and appreciation in the form of gifts and presents. And thanks to Mark Frost and David Lynch's revival this year of Twin Peaks: The Return (2017), now we can find more Twin Peaks-themed and Lynchian related merchandise than ever before. So I created this page to help you navigate the very best of these Agent Cooper thumbs up-worthy Lynchian goodies this year and provide you with a convenient one-stop shopping destination to purchase them.

Blu-Rays and DVDs

The long-awaited Blu-Ray/DVD release of Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) is now ready to be preordered ahead of its release on December 05, 2017. The Blu-Ray disc set is a must own for all hardcore David Lynch and Twin Peaks fans, containing over 6 hours of bonus content, 80 minutes of which is found exclusive to the Blu-Ray release. Read more about this release and its bonus content in my previous article here.
Although the classic series Twin Peaks (1990-91) is currently available to watch on Netflix streaming, such may not always be the case. And regardless, currently nothing can beat the video and audio quality of this premium release of Twin Peaks, including for the first time ever The Missing Pieces deleted footage from Fire Walk with Me (1992) that we waited nearly a quarter century to see. A must own set that includes Kyle MacLachlan's Twin Peaks-related Saturday Night Live sketches shortly before the Season 2 Premiere.
Six years ago, back during my original article series 35 Years of David Lynch, I wrote a review and write-up on Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992), in which I argued that Fire Walk with Me was due for a serious reevaluation by critics and that a positive step in that direction would be a Criterion Collection Release of the film. My dreams came true and Criterion released it on a newly remastered Blu-Ray this October 17, 2017, featuring a newly forged 4K master film transfer supervised by David Lynch and it includes a number of new retrospective featurettes and interviews. Read my full write-up on this release here.
David Lynch: The Art Life (2016) is a highly anticipated documentary years in the making. It demonstrates David Lynch's typical daily routine as a painter and is packed full of interesting anecdotes from his early life and development into the artist he is today. It is a worthwhile viewing experience for anyone deeply interested in David Lynch's work in films and television and would likely interest anyone who has ever seriously contemplated transitioning into a full-time, professional artist. Read my full write-up on this release here.


I previously went deep into the history and official context of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (1990) not only as an excellent media tie-in novel, but how it is an unique artifact that exists within the series itself. It is an actual document that pops up and is regularly discussed within the Twin Peaks' canon. Check out my full description in my former write-up here on the novel. Suffice it to say that David Lynch's daughter Jennifer provided a surprisingly bold and realistic view of Laura's personal life, struggle, and turmoil in this novel. And personally, it is my favorite of all the Twin Peaks related media tie-in novels and it was reportedly used constantly as a reference by actress Sheryl Lee in her performance of the character later in the series prequel Fire Walk with Me (1992).
The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (1990) is a must own for any serious Twin Peaks fan and helps add crucial texture and development to an already compelling character. And Sheryl Lee's recent audiobook recording reading the whole diary in-character as Laura Palmer is pretty amazing to hear and definitely a great gift for any Twin Peaks fan.
I also went deep into this novel's history and its official context with the series itself as a character's memoir, but which is not as canonically tied to Twin Peaks' canon as was The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (1990), as I explained in my former write-up here. But The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes (1991) gives some crucial information to help the audience better appreciate the unfairly derided Windom Earle storyline in the last half of Season 2. More of a niche gift than most of the other books on this list, but it was used by Mark Frost in helping to paint a more complete picture of Agent Cooper in his own novels a quarter century later.
This is more of a brief audiobook to take advantage of Agent Cooper's tendency to leave crucial voice memos for Diane on his tape recorder. I previously went deep into this audiobook's history and its official context within the series itself as pseudo official and a real artifact within Twin Peaks' canon in my former write-up here. It takes a lot of Cooper's in-series voice recordings and mixes it with extra goodies never heard on the series proper. It is pretty fun, if a little too short for my tastes. I wish they had done even more with this gimmick and made an even deeper dive into Cooper's fascinating psyche. But "Diane..." The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper is still a good audiobook, if overly short for my tastes and a little hard to find for sale these days.
The Secret History of Twin Peaks (2016) was the first official Twin Peaks story released in 25 years, since the release of Fire Walk with Me (1992) in movie theaters. It was published seven months before Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) aired on TV and helped whet the appetite of Twin Peaks fans for the series revival. It contains some interesting conspiracy theory tie-ins and has some good character moments you cannot find anywhere else for Dr. Jacoby and the Log Lady, among others. The audiobook version even features the voices of several of the actors speaking in-character. Very cool.
Definitely the most sought after of all the official Twin Peaks media tie-ins currently, Mark Frost's The Final Dossier (2017) gives a number of insights into the bizarre ending of the Twin Peaks revival and helps further fill in the many story gaps left in the finale's wake, particularly about the many classic Twin Peaks (1990-91) characters never addressed in the revival.
I would definitely recommend reading The Secret History of Twin Peaks (2016) beforehand to help contextualize what occurs later in The Final Dossier (2017), but it is not necessarily one hundred percent necessary to read both to appreciate the latter novel. And if you are on a budget, then you might want to buy The Final Dossier first. You can read my preliminary report here on Mark Frost's novel to learn more.

40 Years of David Lynch is my own unofficial four-volume analysis of all the films and TV series of David Lynch's career, with a particular emphasis on the Twin Peaks Story Universe. I provide historical context, quotes, and passionate discussion of David Lynch's body of cinematic work and his world-changing impact on television. In full disclosure, I am still perfecting these manuscripts and will have them automatically updated to everyone who bought the earlier versions before Christmas.

Funko Twin Peaks Merchandise

Potentially the coolest Twin Peaks gift anyone could ever receive is this hilariously awesome Funko Twin Peaks Action Figure Set, complete with accessories. The only downside is that there aren't more of these toys / collectibles for adults to play with like we are kids again! I can just see the possibilities as He-Man goes up against BOB!

Luckily, Funko has also released a number of their fun-spirted Funko Pop! line figures for Twin Peaks fans. From individual releases of all the figures, like Dale Cooper above, to the discounted complete set release below (and special Black Lodge version of Dale and Laura below that), you will find something to brighten the day of your Twin Peaks fan.

Miscellaneous Twin Peaks Merchandise

Fun, minimalist poster of Audrey Horne Dancing by Cult Classic Posters. Cult Classic Posters have a bunch of great Twin Peaks related artwork in this vein. They also have some interesting posters around other cult classic franchises, too. Chances are you can find something your special someone would love to have hanging up.

A replica of Agent Cooper's Great Northern Room 315 Key. This could make for a fun keychain accessory or just a keepsake to remind people of this important totem from Twin Peaks' past that made its way into our present.

If your loved one needs coffee as much as Dougie does, then chances are the Twin Peaks fan on your Christmas list this year will love this fun reminder in the form of Dougie's Coffee Mug.

Show your love for The Roadhouse and all the great talent they attract to play there with this cool t-shirt from Fifth Sun. The Fifth Sun label has plenty of other great Twin Peaks-related shirts and clothes, so check them out and see what you can find still in stock.
These officially licensed Twin Peaks Lapel Pins from Showtime are a great accent to any suit or business casual attire. Have fun subtly showing off your fandom at parties and at work!
And here's another Twin Peaks: The Return Lapel Pin Set from Zanzibar to go along with the classic series set from earlier. A fun and creative way to prove you're on the Blue Rose Task Force, you've been touched with Dougie luck, or you're on a strange path with Mr. "C."





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Funko Merchandise

Miscellaneous Merchandise

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