Friday, August 4, 2017

Fan Short Film: The Summer House at Pearl Lakes

An excellent fan-made short film by Thor Amli about Leland Palmer's summer up at Pearl Lakes as a little boy when he met BOB for the first time. "Do you want to play with fire, little boy?" It makes me wish The Return spent a little bit of time establishing some flashbacks to set up the conflict with BOB over the decades.
Excellent use of Leland's compulsively sung show tunes from the series proper. This short film has reminded me that there could be some pretty interesting ground to cover in a prequel series to Twin Peaks someday, connecting some of the dots from the town's past with what is happening in the town's present.
This short film also reminds me how completely different The Return has felt tonally from the classic Twin Peaks. Even this fan-made short film feels a little more similar to the tone of the original series, strangely. It makes me hold out hope that we get to see child Leland and maybe even child Laura in the series proper someday. There is some definite dramatic potential there in flashbacks, at least.


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