Monday, April 24, 2017

Rate and Review My Books to Show Your Support

My blog formed the foundation of my efforts in my first book series, 40 Years of David Lynch, but here I will provide even my veteran blog readers with something new. My books will be a different reading experience altogether and greatly improve upon the basic framework. The blog is a bit more superficial and on the surface, focused more on visuals and video clips.
Meanwhile, the books allow me to delve deeper into all things David Lynch and fully explore the Lynchverse in far greater literary detail and with many more quotes and expanded analysis. These volumes will make an ideal companion to the director's work and make a creative gift for anyone you want to encourage to understand and appreciate better David Lynch's work in film and television.
And as an independent author on Amazon, I greatly value you taking the time to help me by posting an honest rating and review of my books on their site. I am aiming for over one hundred reviews per book right now, so that way there is a solid metric to show potential readers on Amazon that the book is legitimate and relevant for what they are searching. Thank you for taking a few minutes to help me out in this way.
Your ratings and reviews early after the book launch are especially helpful in boosting the visibility of my books on Amazon, but doing anything to support my books at any time is still very useful and I appreciate your public votes of confidence. Simply letting others know you enjoy reading my work as an author will help build up my credibility with the rest of the reading world. It means a lot to me to have your support in establishing my professional author platform on Amazon right now.
The more ratings and reviews I receive on Amazon's site, the more visibility my work will receive moving forward and the more momentum I will gain on their site. With sufficient growth and exposure, I can then eventually find more time to write books on several other directors, including Stanley Kubrick, David Cronenberg, and many others.
Behold the Evolution of the Amazon Author Page...
Again, your ratings and reviews mean a lot right now while my author platform is still young and growing. Your words help show other potential readers on Amazon that I am worth checking out for themselves. If the reviews are accurate and helpful, many other readers will discover my books and take a moment to give them a brief sample reading and buy them if they like what they have read. One brief review could literally help hundreds or thousands of other take the time to stop on my books' pages and really look into them and hopefully buy them.
Your reviews do not need to be long and fancy, just two or three sentences letting other potential readers know what you liked about the book and why they would probably like it, too, is usually more than sufficient. The best Amazon reviews tend to be brief, to the point, and quickly help other readers familiarize themselves with what the reading experience is like. Feel free to be as specific and detailed as you like, whether positive or negative. Honest reviews are always the most helpful, regardless of your ultimate verdict.
If you know any other bloggers or reviewers out there who might be interested in checking out my books, consider me grateful for your referrals to them. Revisit this site frequently for news and follow me on Twitter and like my page on Facebook to keep up to date with future projects, sample chapters, special promotions, and even some occasional giveaways.


Coming Soon

40 Years of David Lynch (2017)
Volume I: Eraserhead - Wild at Heart
Volume II: Twin Peaks
Volume III: Fire Walk with Me - Inland Empire
Volume IV: Twin Peaks: The Return


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