Thursday, March 16, 2017

40 Years of David Lynch (Book Trailer)

Watch 40 Years of David Lynch's new book trailer premiere! Volume I will be released on April 25th and Volume II on May 16th. Enjoy the Lynchian audio/visual goodness!
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Join filmmaker and author Michael Adam Warren on a journey of discovery through the cinematic dreamscapes of David Lynch. Pre-Order 40 Years of David Lynch and get Lynchian today!

Volume I: Eraserhead – Wild at Heart
Release Date: April 25th

Volume II: Twin Peaks 1990-91
Release Date: May 16th

Volume III: Fire Walk with Me - Inland Empire
Release Date: August 15th

Volume IV: Twin Peaks 2017
Release Date: September 26th

Volume V: Twin Peaks 1990-92
Release Date: December 19th

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